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The TPI Code of Practice is a set of standards that sets the benchmark for responsible, high quality TPIs selling energy to micro businesses.

By signing up to this Code of Practice, TPIs agree to:

  • Be bound by it
  • Make sure their people (including any third parties they use) know it and stick to it
  • Tell the customers they're selling to what the Code is and where to find it
  • Uphold the public image and reputation of the suppliers they represent

Important Message

  • From the 31 October 2016 EON have agreed with the external TPI Code Panel and Code Manager that they will cease to manage the code. We will continue to operate a Code of Practice for all our participating TPIs however the governance of our code will be managed internally within a newly implemented governance framework.
  • We have not taken this decision lightly however we are mindful of OFGEMs intention of moving to a more principles based approach to regulation.
  • EON are now evolving our approach to fall in line with OFGEMs new principles based approach, and in the coming months we will evolve the code to be a more principles based code and define a monitoring framework to reflect this code and provide assurance against the key principles we believe are key to compliant selling and treating our customers fairly.
  • For our TPI’s this will not mean any change in terms of the way we monitor, however this will move from a prescriptive to principles based approach. EONs intentions for what the code will deliver will not change, our commitment to our B2B customers remains at the forefront of our focus.
  • We will continue to have an process in place whereby any queries, concerns or issues can be raised as they previously would have been to the external Code Manager, and these will be dealt with expediently and in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Over the coming months this external website will transition to an internal more interactive TPI ‘hub’ that will bring value to both our TPI’s and customers alike – In the interim any queries can be directed to our mailbox - TPIcode.audits@eonenergy.com.
  • We will update this message as we transition our code and governance, and assure our TPI’s of our continued support in identifying and implementing best practice ways of working in line with regulatory requirements.